Company Profile
O.K.I General Trading L.L.C. is a professional firm which specializes in procurement, supply, emergency response services, security equipment, and travel & tourism, with the support of its alliances. Headquartered in Dubai our offices are also located in Africa and India. We have built up a long-standing relationship in the market, which is a key factor in our success. We have strategic relationship with manufacturers of Automobiles & Spare Parts, Furniture, Office Equipment, IT, Satellite Communication, Electronics, Home Appliances, Hardware, Building Materials, PPE equipment, Fire Fighting equipment, Gym equipment and General Relief supplies across the globe; and are executing numerous projects in Afghanistan, Iraq and Africa.
O.K.I. is not just a trading unit which sells products but a service oriented firm offering high levels of service to achieve optimum Customer satisfaction. Hence, we realize that our people are our greatest strength. The collective knowledge, experience and hard work of our staff under the leadership of our management enable us to offer the maximum value to our customers.
O.K.I has also established strategic relationships in most of the Middle East countries & India via various means such as Representation Agreements, Memorandum of Understanding, Proprietary Data Exchange Agreements and Teaming Agreement.
  Under these alliances O.K.I enlisted the services of highly qualified engineers, administrators, technicians and accountants who had acquired extensive experience from their work on high-grade projects with United Nations Field Missions, US Army and prime & sub contractors, Oil Companies and various relief agencies.