O.K.I. is one of the leading organisations in providing superior supply, procurement, emergency response, security equipment, and travel & tourism services to its customers in all parts of the developing world.
Our staff is well versed in the comprehensive procurement regimes and project management methods closely adhering to the specific rules and guidelines set out by our customers.
O.K.I guarantees an efficient, fully transparent and accountable procurement and supply process; whether we source the required products based on the end userís requirement or select the most appropriate technical specifications for the equipment to be purchased.
  Supply: O.K.I's Supply services target the needs of the US Army, Contractors, UN Agencies, non-Governmental Organizations (NGO's) and international aid organizations focusing on development and humanitarian aid.
Our experienced and dedicated buying team truly covers the whole supply chain, from strategic sourcing to commissioning and delivery of the goods to the final destination. To make it cost effective for its customers, O.K.I sources the products directly from the manufacturers or the authorized distributors in the region. O.K.I's location in the vicinity of Dubai International Airport, plus our warehouse near the port of Dubai and our in-house logistics management capacity, enables us to offer a comprehensive supply service.
For a comprehensive list of products we can supply, please check the products page.
Procurement: O.K.I General Trading LLC acts as independent procurement agent for and on behalf of its customers, taking over their buying portfolio, from needs assessment and specification writing until final delivery and commissioning of the equipment. O.K.I ensures the client a transparent administration of all transactions and regularly reports in user-friendly, pre-agreed formats
The combination of competitive procurement results and the administrative savings made within your own organisation by outsourcing (part) of your purchasing portfolio, generally outweigh the costs of our professional involvement.
Under the services as procurement agent, we suggest the following:
  Receiving the project requirements;

Writing of Specifications;

Obtain offers from potential suppliers according to the required procedures

Evaluate the offers and process these in an (financial) evaluation report for approval by the principal

Opening a client account for payment;

Placing the orders with the respective suppliers.

Maintaining contacts with suppliers and supervising logistics via our warehouse or directly to the final destination;

Instructing our warehouse to physically check the contents of the suppliers shipments on quantity, quality and packing;

Supervising the individual distribution, packing and labelling of the project orders;

Preparing the packing lists, certificate of origin, clearing documents and invoices;

Supervising the booking of the freight and the delivery to final destination;

Payment to the Suppliers;

Reporting to the Customers

Emergency Response: The high prevalence of catastrophes, civil war, famine and displacement of tens of thousands of people has caused O.K.I to establish a special unit for Refugee Relief and Emergency Aid. With this unit we offer emergency supply services to relief aid organisations, governments and NGO's, ranging from medical kits (trauma, first aid), blankets, buckets, food supply, tarpaulins, tents and shelter, to customised resettlement kits & Sanitary Units. For most of the items O.K.I holds stock positioned to fulfill the first needs of refugees and displaced people.
Travel & Tourism: Dubai offers visitors a fascinating kaleidoscope of contrasts, a distinctive blend of modern city and timeless desert. An exotic destination with a cosmopolitan lifestyle, Dubai combines the comfort and convenience of the western world with a unique charm and hospitality of Arabia. O.K.I has a JV agreement with an IATA approved Travel Agency. With this strategic partnership O.K.I offers its customers travel services such as ticketing, meet & greet services, hotel bookings, custom-built Dubai tours and the like.
Management Experience:
Our management is committed towards integrity, excellence, responsiveness, quality, and support, which has consistently resulted in exceptional customer satisfaction on many significant programs.
Automobiles and Spare parts.

Office Furniture, Modular offices & Portable Accommodation

Generators, Compressors, Pumps and Spare parts

All Types of Electronics  and Communication Equipment

(UHF/ VHF Radios, Satellite phones, GPS systems)

Office Equipment: Photocopiers, Computers, Printers, Fax Machines

Office Stationery, Consumables and Accessories

Flatware (All types of disposable cutlery – glass, fork, spoon, knife, napkin)

Electrical items, UPS, Voltage Stabilizers, Tower Lights

Pipes, Pipe Fittings, Valves & Other Hardware items

Workshop Equipment and Spares

Gym Equipment

Fuel Bladders, Pumps and Spares

Catering Equipment and Household Appliances

Cleaning & Janitorial Items

Lumber, Timber & Plywood

Safety Equipment: Coveralls, Shoes, Smoke detectors & Fire Extinguishers

Food Items, Mineral Water& Potable Water

Building Materials and Construction Machinery

Used & New Shipping Containers, 20ft & 40ft, dry & reefer

Personal Protective Equipment (Body Armor, Kevlar Helmet, 

NVG, Metal detectors, First Aid Kits)

Vehicle & Personal Tracking Systems